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Whiskey Invest Direct: A new online marketplace

The whiskey industry faces a huge financial push to open up a new online marketplace where private investors can buy and sell a wide variety of whiskeys early in the aging process while the excitement is still at the milestone.

The positive outlook of whiskey cask investment guide  products worldwide has recently placed significant financial demand on refiners' cash flows. Whiskey Invest Direct claims to provide a more flexible source of capital than traditional bank loans to refiners.

Whiskey Invest Direct: a new online marketplace

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The ripening performance of historic whiskey is strong, with an average real increase of 7% per annum over the past decade. The new online platform will enable investors who purchase whiskey early in the aging process and store it in the warehouses for sale to world-renowned blends.

The long aging process for Whiskey makes it very difficult to predict sales for individual distillers. Careful manufacturing, as well as the lack of a modern trading platform, has dried up the traditional whiskey brokerage market and left clear opportunities for technology-based alternatives.

Whiskey Invest Direct is a new marketplace for buying and selling Scotch whiskey stored in casks. This attractive asset class offers an annual increase in the value of over 7% after storage costs and inflation over the past decade.