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What Does Antenatal Care Offer?

Antenatal care is for pregnant women. When a pregnant woman is asked to visit the maternity hospital, she is usually scheduled for routine check-ups, screenings, and ultrasound scans to ensure that the woman and her baby are in good health and the expected date of birth.

Pregnant female spouses, other family members, or selected friends are welcome to attend this meeting with them. If you are looking for an antenatal clinic then check jacaranda maternity.

antenatal clinic

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What does this service offer?

Prenatal care monitors the health of pregnant women during their pregnancy, reviews their baby's development, and prepares for delivery. The service offers care and advice from midwives during pregnancy, ultrasound, pregnancy clinics, and prenatal care days.

Who will patients meet while they are being treated by your department?

If you are pregnant, you will likely have a midwife who can schedule an initial appointment with you at your local clinic or nearest hospital. They ask basic health questions, check a woman's weight and blood pressure, and perform other routine tests.

Ultrasonic scanning is performed by personnel specially trained in the use of ultrasonic devices. Scanning is usually done externally. Apply gel to the woman's stomach and roll the small handheld scanner over the bump.

In some cases, pregnant women may need more sophisticated care that can be provided by a midwife or one of the hospital advisors who specialize in certain medical conditions and complications.