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UV Water Sterilizer with Ultra violet

The microorganisms are exposed to high power UV in water to destroy the internal structure of the microorganism's DNA and RNA that cannot be duplicated. Therefore, water UV sterilizer further meets the requirements of the national test without the use of chemicals. You can also get more information about UV sterilizer online via

UV Water Sterilizer with Ultra violet

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Product features and positive factors:

1. Introducing technology for photochemical reactions and optical physics processing.

2. You can kill more than 40 types of bacteria, viruses, and algae in real-time.

3. The bacterial mortality rate can reach 99.9%.

4. Manual cleaning device to avoid user worries.

5. The movable reactor cover construction allows complete cleaning.

6. Leading UV power monitor monitors sound and light alarms.

7. All parts of the controller with a complete operating system. This material is made of carbon steel (or stainless steel) with a coating of spray paint. The information for each sterilizing body is usually 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel.

Ultraviolet water sterilizer for producing super pure water in the electronics industry –

Sterilization of water in hospitals and other laboratories; Waste sterilization (with a significant content of pathogens).UV water sterilizer is used to sterilize water in residential buildings, public buildings, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, sanitation facilities, etc. you can even reach online for information about UV water sterilizer.