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Understand the Usage of Hydraulic Seal

Hydraulic seals are used to close the liquid in hydraulic transmission. The quality of seal equipment is directly related to the performance of the hydraulic system. 

The hydraulic seal can prevent fluid leakage and can also stop air or dust entering into the system. Meanwhile, we must admit that it is impossible to achieve complete seal effectiveness in the hydraulic cylinder. 

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As we know, the liquid will be taken when the cylinder rod moves alternatively. However, the leakage is quite small. Hydraulic is very important, it is necessary for people to get familiar with its usage properties.

Hydraulic transmission devices have the following features, such as light, small inertia and stable operation. This device can transmit relatively large acting power and can easily realize process automation. 

First, the level of leakage of hydraulic seals must be very small. With increasing hydraulic fluid pressure, seability can be automatically increased. Therefore, this device has been widely applied in many sectors, such as the industry, agriculture and national defense. 

To ensure the performance of good hydraulic transmission devices, hydraulic seals must be compatible with device features.  So, the hydraulic seal element is the core of hydraulic equipment.