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Types of residential solar power systems

1. Solar system network

This type of solar system is available at a lower price and requires a direct connection to electricity so you can get electricity from household electricity or mains electricity.

This maintains a balance between solar energy production and daily energy requirements by Redding Solar System Company for solar panel installation. Your home solar power grid requires two components. High-quality inverter and roof-mounted mounting frame.

2. Off-grid solar system

Off-grid solar systems do not require a grid connection. This system generates enough energy and can meet your energy needs efficiently. Batteries are a major part of an off-grid solar power system, and electricity is stored in these rechargeable batteries. 

It can convert direct current from the electric panel and battery into alternating current to meet the electricity demand. Off-grid systems are quite expensive than the grid because the entire system relies entirely on batteries.

3. Network battery backup

This type of solar system is also connected to electricity, but with an additional battery. Backing up batteries will balance power generation and demand and prevent power outages. 

Batteries store enough energy to power your home, and you get a constant source of energy. The cost of a backup battery system is slightly higher than that of a grid solar system due to additional batteries but offers a constant, uninterrupted supply of solar power.