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The Trends Behind Tenant Improvement Construction

If you own or operate a commercial facility, you probably know that tenant improvements (TI) is becoming increasingly popular. TI improvements and additions are increasingly being carried out in office buildings and residential complexes. 

A tenant improvements construction consists of changes the building owner makes a space to better suit the needs of the tenants. To get more information about the commercial tenant improvements in Vancouver visit

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There are several factors that affect the improvement of TI performance, from changes in the workforce to technological advances. Here are some of the best building improvement trends for tenants:

New workforce

As more and more people were hired over the millennia, companies made changes to their offices to suit the preferences of younger employees. Trends include more flexible environments for collaboration, convenience, and modern technology. 

Individual workplaces shrink to create space for open, multi-functional spaces. Additionally, businesses offer amenities that range from gyms and coffee shops to rundown rooms that look like coffee shops.


The entire construction industry is working to make the construction process more sustainable. In addition, new systems are being installed to make buildings more environmentally friendly. 

This includes geothermal wells, solar panels,  and energy-efficient building materials. The facility also installed state-of-the-art building automation tools for their lighting and HVAC. 

Building control technology can significantly affect the energy efficiency of a system. With more and more businesses and consumers prioritizing sustainability, energy-efficient changes in construction are another trend for increasing tenants.