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The Solar Pool Cover – Extending Your Pool Season

A garden pool can be a very big investment, especially if you decide to install an indoor pool. One way to maximize your return on investment is to extend the swimming season in your country.

For those who live in deserts or southern climates, swimming time is of course more or less a problem, regardless of the season.  You can find more information about automatic pool covers via

The Solar Pool Cover - Extending Your Pool Season

For those experiencing four distinct seasons, investing in a pool cover can mean another month of balmy water temperatures that cling to the end of both bathing seasons. Covering a solar pool costs nothing and you always have enough renewable energy source – the sun to keep the pool water warm.

The traditional method of heating a home swimming pool is to use a gas or electric heat pump, with the pool owner continually replenishing his gas supply or paying more in warmer weather than hefty utility bills. Pool encloses which can increase the water temperature by 10 to 15 degrees, are designed and colored to blend with the overall look of your pool.

How a solar pool cover works

Umbrellas or "blankets" are made of heavy, ultraviolet-resistant polyethylene, similar to the bubble wrap used to protect packaging, but much more durable.

The surface area of the thousands of bubbles on the roof of a solar pool is large enough to capture and store large amounts of solar heat and transfer the heat to the pool water. In contrast, the solar pool cover serves to insulate the pool water and prevent heat from escaping.

For the convenience of homeowners, the solar pool cover is designed to float, so no work with cable ties or anchors is required to remove it.