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The Importance of Bone Health

When we discuss exercise most individuals immediately think of losing fat and toning or gaining muscle. It is true that with regular exercise you will lose inches and gain strength in muscles but the importance of exercise on a regular basis really offers many more important health benefits then being able to fit into your skinny jeans or being able to flex an impressive looking bicep.

Bone health is another important benefit of exercise that is often overlooked until serious problems occur. We all reached our maximum bone mass by our 20s and prevention is the best way to prevent future problems. You can also take the medicine for bone health to prevent from bone diseases.

Men are also susceptible to bone loss, even though there has been an increase in women's bone health recently with the discussion about osteoporosis. The loss of estrogen can lead to osteoporosis or increased bone loss in women. As they age, men will experience more bone loss due to the loss of testosterone. 

Disuse atrophy is the main cause of bone loss. Bone tissue is just like any other tissue in your body. The body doesn't waste energy keeping something it considers important or necessary, such as muscle and bone that has not been used. You should also be aware that losing muscle can directly impact the health of your bones.