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The Concept Of Degradable Bags

Degradable bags were introduced at a time when all countries were concerned about pollution. Most of the products on the market are made of simple plastics that will not degrade and will eventually take years to decompose in landfills. So the introduction of this bag came to reduce our waste and create a better and safer living environment.

Degradation is the process by which a larger object is broken down into smaller pieces or even fragments. Even strong plastics tend to become weak and brittle as a result of this decomposition. This process can be initiated by heat or ultraviolet light and is supported by mechanical stress. If you are also looking to buy biodegradable bags then visit

Bio-Degradable Bag, biodegradable plastic bag, Gujarat, India.

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Degradable bags are made from a material known as "degradable plastic," a plastic that can change significantly under certain environmental conditions. They decompose through physical and chemical action. There are several types of degradable plastic:


This degradable plastic product is based on starch obtained from corn. Products made in this process require an active microbial environment, such as a decomposition depot. Some will deteriorate completely while others will simply be hollow.


They are broken down through the process of hydrodegradation. One of the latest inventions is to produce plastics with degradation through a process called oxo-degradation. This process is independent of microbial breakdown. This plastic decomposition is accelerated by heat, light, or pressure and continues until the material disintegrates. This way it doesn't leave any fragments on the ground.

To summarize the above process, degradable bags degrade due to the chemical addition of oxygen, light, or heat and are ideal for landfills. Degradable bags are also known as "oxo-degradable" bags. These bags usually disintegrate automatically and this can vary between 3-18 months or even longer after manufacture.