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The A-Z Of Indoor Blinds

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This article will explore a variety of blind options and their benefits, giving you the ability to make an informed choice in your next blinds purchase. The Blinds discussed will include Venetian, roman, roller, zebra, honeycomb,  and plantation shutters. 


Venetian blinds are characterised by their horizontal slats that are typically operated by a chord or drawstring apparatus. These are most often wooden but can come in plastic, PVC or aluminium. The benefit of obtaining this type of blind is that they can come in a small variety of styles and colours which can blend well into most decorative styles and provide a good (but not complete) light control solution. Additionally, they are also a positive window insulator, helping maintain a more stable indoor temperature. 


Roman blinds are a fabric variety and, similar to Venetian, are operated with a chord mechanism. This chord then folds the fabric under itself when they are in the drawn position. The attraction of this type of blind is that the fabric of them is highly customisable, including pattern, colour and even style, contributing to any rooms and decor arrangements in your home.


Roller blinds come in sheer, blockout and weatherproof blinds, making these blinds great for both indoor and outdoor areas. In addition to their versatility, they offer an almost total light control option through the block out roller blind solution, enabling you to have a dark bedroom or theatre room (for example) even in the middle of the sunniest day. 


Zebra blinds are quite a unique blind offering and can come in a form of Venetian, roman or roller blind. They are characterised by their alternating black and sheer stripes, giving them the zebra appearance. The reason these types of blinds are popular is because of their stylish appearance, giving them the air of eliteness. Additionally, the black stipes allow a degree of light control while the sheer part of the blind provides an aspect of privacy. 


Honeycomb blinds are another unique blind choice you can make and can be made to order in light, dark or coloured fabrics. These blinds are completely different from other blind options as they are specifically designed for insulation. The blinds are hollow and the air inside of the honeycomb heats up, which provides a heating option. This is great when you live in a cold home. 

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters receive their name due to their origins on the cotton plantations in America and are most often wooden but occasionally aluminium and come in a variety of colours. These shutters are genuinely operated with a handle either on the side or in the middle of the blind which, when raised or lowered, opens or closes the blind. Plantation shutters are versatile in that they can be installed on both the inside and the outside of a window. Being wooden, they provide insulation but are also great at controlling light. 


As you can see, there are a variety of blinds, each with their benefits. These options and positive aspects should be considered when selecting the best blind option for your home.