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Selecting a DJ For Your Wedding

Now it's time to start planning for your special day! The first and most important of your wedding date, place, and the guest list to be decided. Then comes choosing your photographer, videographer, flowers, transportation, officiant, decorations, entertainment, and the list could go on. After all the vendors you order, time to sort out the details!

The most important part of the advice I can offer you is to research a minimum of 3-5 companies DJ / Entertainment before making your decision. Keep in mind, the lowest price is most definitely not always the best choice. You can find wedding DJ services in Ann Arbor from various web sources.

You will need to consider what type of DJ you want. Do you want someone who will just press play and wear standard wedding music? Do you want a DJ who can beat-mixing the seamless flow of music similar to club DJ?

Do you want a DJ that will facilitate the game and interacting with the crowd? What personality and appearance you would like a DJ you have? Is the DJ you have experience with marriage or your musical preferences?

Here are some things to look for when choosing a DJ.

– What equipment will they use? Whether it is professional, reliable, and neat in appearance?

– Will they be set up before the arrival of guests?

– Do you have a signed contract to confirm their services?

– Have a backup if the DJ is sick or injured? How to backup equipment?

– Experience? How many marriages have DJs performed, whether they are full-time gig?

– Are they insured and licensed their music?

Why should I hire a DJ that costs $ 1,000 when I was able to hire another DJ for $ 350? You get what you pay for. Do your research and hire the right entertainment for your special day.