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Choosing Plush Toys For Kids

Choosing plush toys we should first consider its shapes, materials, then check its workmanships such as sewing, fillings, the accessories, etc, and finally select the appropriate variety suitable for your children from a wide variety of plush toys.

To select the shape of the plush toys based on the child's age is a very important aspect. Generally 0 to 2 years old children should be selected for them exaggerated shapes of animals, cartoon intuitive shapes, such as the bulk of big eyes dog or rabbit.

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Children's immature thinking ability is poor to identify, they need colorful toys with prominent shapes. The color of the toy is best to be pink or creamy yellow because children of this age are more sensitive to red and yellow, which can draw their attention.

The toy shape should be realistic and vivid mainly for children 3 to 6 years of age, in order to increase children's identity of knowledge. In the choice of animal toys, the best characterized and simple toys are easy to make children a deeper impression.

 If you choose the panda toy, it should be black and white, let the child know that this is the panda's characteristics. It is best often to take the children to the zoo to watch real animals, to enable them to increase interest in plush toys. For children this period, of course, you can pick some exaggeration animals, but this exaggeration must be in line with the real animals.