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Postnatal Care Is Important After Childbirth

Most women have healthy pregnancies and experience normal deliveries. The care received during the postnatal period may enhance this experience and help detect complications that can occur after childbirth.

The postnatal period is the time during which the body recovers from the birth experience. To get more information about postnatal care, you may go through

postnatal care

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Usually, it begins after birth and lasts about six weeks, as the body gradually returns to its pre-pregnancy. Visits postnatal services are provided at home for mother and child during the first ten days after birth, for all public clients.

At postnatal clinics, women are interviewed and examined to ensure they recover properly. The health of their baby is also evaluated. As the body regains its former status changes will be noticed:

Physical changes

Involution of the uterus – This is the process of contraction of the uterus in a non-pregnant size, but it completely returns to its former, pre-pregnancy size.

Lady part discharge – Lochia, discharge from the lady part, will be known in the next four to six weeks. There is debris that throws the uterus after childbirth. The discharge will change from red to pinkish yellow to white and increase with activity or breastfeeding.

Hormonal changes – Some women may undergo mood swings from sadness to deep depression that adjustments are made to parenthood.