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All About Bamboo Straws

Well, for starters, bamboo is the most sustainable land plant . It represents the strength and versatility and is used for a variety of things, not just for drinking straws. It is stronger than steel and is fully biodegradable.

Environmental Impact Of Bamboo Straws:  

Buying bamboo straws that can be reused over and over again and it is the most sustainable and environment-friendly. 

bamboo straws

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If we compare the damage that plastic straws are causing to our shores with what happens when the bamboo has come.  Really no issue on which the material has the most severe effects on the environment . 

Bamboo Straws are reusable

Bamboo straw can be used several times and look great with any sort of drink. Bamboo is a natural material, which of course will not last as long , can be used for many other things. You can reuse the bamboo straw hundreds of times, so if you do the calculations, it can be much cheaper than plastic straws that are designed to be used once.

Bamboo is completely natural and these straws can be grown without the need for any harmful chemicals. Bamboo is pressure washed and steam cleaned and straw unlike metal, does not conduct heat from hot drinks that can burn your mouth.