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Dairy Farming in New Zealand – Cattle Breeds Providing the Backbone of Production

Dairy farming in New Zealand has a long and proud history in the agricultural sector, being at the forefront of agricultural and farming production for centuries and supplying the world with the maximum grade of agricultural and dairy goods.  

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Being released by European settlers in the early nineteenth century, milk cows started to supply the national and local New Zealand community with butter, milk, and cheese.  

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The natural surroundings in New Zealand appeared the ideal atmosphere for dairy farming because the introduced strains of cows thrived under the states, making record amounts and high caliber of milk products. The exportation of all New Zealand dairy products into the planet is recorded as early as the middle of the 1940s.  

When technology enabled the extended distance shipping of dairy goods, in the kind of refrigerated imports, New Zealand firmly established its place as the world's top state of milk production.  

As time has passed, New Zealand was a pioneer in the creation of advanced farming procedures, techniques, and managerial methods, which has allowed them to always outperform other countries in the regions of milk production, creature relaxation and husbandry and quality of output.