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Serve The World With Premium Quality Engine Parts

Komatsu is a household name in the manufacture of engine parts and cylinder bushings for automobiles. We are a leader in the manufacture and supply of engine parts for motor vehicles such as piston rings, piston pins, linings, and bushings. 

Komatsu current top sellers is known for the quality of our products that meet international standards and are delivered on time with after-sales service worldwide. At Komatsu, we believe in innovation as the key to success. That is why our production unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art research and development center.

We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of auto engine parts in India. Engine spare parts are required for the smooth running of machines and vehicles. We produce a wide range of auto engine parts for almost all types of light models and in sizes from small to large. 

Worn car engine parts cause overheating and most of the processing time to freeze. They can also slow down the engine and cause total damage. 

To ensure durability, each of our automotive engine parts is made from high-quality materials that can run on gasoline and air mixtures and offers high durability in the toughest working conditions. 

We are specialized in manufacturing manufactured bearing caps, exhaust flanges, and other technical components that ensure the smooth operation of industrial machines and vehicles.