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Root Canal: Everything You Need To Know

Root canal treatment is a necessary treatment for tooth decay or trauma that causes severe damage to the nerves of the teeth. In this dental procedure, you need to understand that its complexity requires patience, client strength and courage, trust in the dentist, and adequate understanding of this dental service.

What is a root canal? This is the space in the tooth where blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue are located. These spaces or channels originate from the pulp chamber, which moves from the roots through the top surface or ends.

What could happen inside the channel? When the pulp or nerve tissue is damaged, it collapses, causing a proliferation of bacteria in the chamber. An infection of the tooth with an abscess causes it to spread, making it difficult for blood to reach the tissues. To overcome this you can check root canal treatment in Alexandria, VA.

root canal

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How is the root canal procedure performed? Infection of the pulp tissue or nerve injury requires root canal treatment. The principle is to clean the infected gum tissue and then fill the canals to close them.

The process starts with determining whether you have an infected tooth or abscess. In this case, start taking antibiotics before creating a root canal. During the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the tooth.

After you take a dental x-ray, the dentist will disinfect your mouth and begin to drill the tooth into the pulp chamber, where the dental nerves are located. Then all the nerves in the infected tooth and tissue are removed with the help of a small file.