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Permanent Cosmetics – Looking Your Best All The Time

Permanent cosmetics, also known as cosmetic tattoos, are becoming increasingly popular when using conventional makeup. The technique used is often referred to as "micropigmentation", "micro implantation", or "dermagraphy".

Implantation is the deposition of tiny individual implants of plant pigments or dyes in the top layer of the skin. The benefits for those wanting some definition of function or scar camouflage are enormous! You can also look for Brownude Permanent Cosmetics & Training Academy in Edmonton to get the best permanent cosmetic services and training.

This cosmetic procedure is performed by various types of machines, such as traditional or spiral, pen or rotating tattoos, and not a machine or manual method.

The process includes an initial consultation and application, and one or two follow-ups to improve the shape and color or density of the pigment.

People Who Benefit From It

  • Anyone who wants to improve his/her appearance
  • Hair loss, including eyebrows and/or eyelashes
  • Artists, actresses, and models
  • Mothers and other busy professionals who can't find the time

What Can Be Done

  • Eyebrows, correct eye-opening
  • Eyeliner, top, and bottom – can be used to reshape the eye
  • Lashes – make them thicker and fuller
  • Full lip line and lip color – Redefining wrong lines.

Is It Really Permanent?

This action is considered permanent because the color is permanent and cannot be washed off. However, fading may occur and regular maintenance is required. Take this and all other considerations into account when choosing a technician.