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Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Procedure

In the initial consultation of the cosmetic tattoo, the doctor and patient discuss the possible results of a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. Many doctors have pictures of previous patients available to new patients.

This gives the patient a good idea of what a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo technician can achieve. The doctor will examine the eyebrow area and determine all the scenarios of cosmetic tattoos in Gold Coast.

A complete medical history is taken to inform the doctor of any medical conditions or prescriptions that may affect the results.

Eyebrow Tattoo Surgery – Procedure

Tattoos with permanent makeup consist of herbal products that are injected into the skin. After the anesthetic ointment is applied, a small needle is used to inject the dye and is sometimes seen on a rotating spiral instrument.

The tip is dipped in paint and then a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo needle is inserted into the skin. Bleeding may occur when the skin is punctured, but this is minimal.

Most cosmetic eyebrow tattoo procedures take an hour to complete, but it depends on the amount of work that needs to be done.

At the end of the session, the area is cleaned and antiseptic cream is applied. Eyebrow tattoos need good work to look good. To achieve this, tattoos are often applied by hand rather than electric needles.