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Online Mindfulness Meditation Therapy In Silicon Valley

The only major cause of emotional stress and stress in our lives is the accumulation of habitual emotional responses to life events that we acquire through unconscious learning. We fall prey to repetitive negative thoughts and patterns of emotional reactivity that automatically operate in the mind and operate outside the realm of conscious choice.

Mindfulness meditation therapy teaches you how to work with your usual reactivity through a series of exercises designed to help you recognize reactivity and then neutralize that reactivity through mindfulness. Mindfulness in Silicon Valley strengthens, restores freedom of choice and at the same time creates the right inner space that allows emotions to unfold and dissolve on a basic level.

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Mindfulness training prevents you from falling victim to stress reactions and puts you back in the driver's seat so you can control how you want to feel instead of just falling under the charms of your usual reactivity. This approach is relatively easy to learn and communicates very well via email and online webcam sessions.

We learn to react with anger and frustration when things don't go as we learn to be happy when our expectations are met. This is an important point because although we cannot completely control external events, we can control how we respond to them.

If you maintain your reaction, you will suffer as long as this attachment lasts. That's the point: learn to recognize your reactions and then pay attention to each one, and through this process of touching each one with mindfulness, you learn to free yourself from your subjective reactions.