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Know More About Hand Winch

Winches are extremely useful tools and it can help you move the load safely and easily. However, winches are still tools that should be used with caution.

If you’re new to hand winches (Also Known as “ กว้านมือ “ in the Thai Language) or just to know about winches, here are some safety recommendations for utilising your winch.

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First and foremost, always know the weight of what you’re hauling and how much your winch can support before using it. If the weight is too heavy, a snatch block or two independent winches can be used. 

Otherwise, the winch may fail catastrophically. Fortunately, most modern winches come with a shear pin that breaks loose if you overload your winch over its maximum capacity.

Before purchasing a winch, know if you are going to be pulling objects or lifting them. Hand winches designed as hoists are much different than ones made to pull. 

Once you have a winch never try to utilise that was designed to pull as a lift or hoist. Hoists have more safety measures and stronger locking mechanisms to ensure that their loads do not smash into the ground, shattering the load and maybe causing serious injury to people around it.