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How To Smoke A Cigar Properly

Lighting a cigar correctly is an integral part of the process, not only in terms of the fact that the cigar burns smoothly and evenly, but the ritual element is part of the joy of cigar smoking.

Handmade cigars must be cut before lighting. Use a sharp knife, scissors, or ideally a cigar cutter to lift the closed end of the cigar, leaving about 3mm of the lid.  If you don't have one, you can also purchase the high-quality cigar in Florida via

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Make a quick and clean-cut; so as not to damage the skin of the leaves. The real trick is to become essential once you've set the cut, and done it in one swift motion. The compressed preliminary cut tears the leaves apart.

To light a cigar, hold the cigar horizontally and turn off the flame (make sure to use an odorless lamp, not a gas lighter). Rotate the cigar so that the tip burns evenly and blow out the burnt end with a little glow which will help the cigar burn smoothly.

Now slowly pull out the cigar while holding back the flame almost but not completely and touching the cigar. Lightly light the cigar over the heat to make sure it burns evenly. The small bubbles on the bright end also add flattening.

After the cigar is lit, let the smoke billow around your mouth and enjoy the taste. Do not blow too hard and do not get too hot or inhaled like a cigarette. A good cigar produces ash that can be up to an inch (2.4 cm) in size. Unlike cigarettes, don't stir too often or risk the cigar dying or burning unevenly. When the cigar goes out, simply tap the burnt ash at the end and start the lighting process again.