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How To Select Your VR Prescription Lenses?

In order to buy the right lenses for your VR headset, you have to specify your lens prescription. Usually, your Optometrist will give you a card with these details after your appointment.

Sphere (SPH)

The ball is your power of vision for the lens. It is measured in diopters and is used for nearsightedness and – for myopia. There are many companies available from where you can also buy the Oculus Rift S Prescription Lens online. 

Cylinder (CYL) and axis

Both cylinder and axis are required to correct ocular astigmatism. Your recipe includes one or both of these numbers combined. The cylinder tells how strong your astigmatism is, and the axis is the angle it takes to see clearly again.

Blue light filter

Blue light is emitted by electronics and can cause eye strain and other problems. Some of the prescription VR lenses below offer blue lens filters that will protect and protect your eyes.

Anti-glare coating

The anti-glare coating helps shine lines penetrate your glasses without glare or shadows. This will allow you to see a clearer image and make your lens look invisible.

When searching for the perfect VR prescription lenses, it is important to find a company that supports a varied selection of headsets. Each VR headset has a different shape, so each lens has to fit accordingly.