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How To Make Wooden Windows More Protected

Police statistics suggest that approximately 30 percent of thieves gain access to homes using a window, therefore it's wise to create your windows as safe as you can.

Window safety doesn't need to cost much. Here are eight easy ways of making wooden windows secure. For that, you can take the help of a professional like Alert Locksmith that will repair window locks – high-tech security solutions across Sydney.

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1. Window locks are a fantastic safety measure for wooden windows. They aren't expensive and easily available in DIY stores. Window locks are simple to fit and function. 

2. If your windows have locks consider using more fixings. Most window locks include screws that are much too brief to defy forcing. Replace them with more screws which will penetrate the timber so far as possible.

3. Secure your windows by matching locks which don't require a key to lock them as window bolts and snap locks. Window bolts may be used for side-by-side hung, high suspended, and sash wooden windows. 

4. The fundamental grabs in sash windows aren't dependable. In case you've got sash windows with no locks and you have some concerns that they may be forced as you're away from your home.

5. Sash stops are just another choice. They're powerful and suitable to use and don't have to be eliminated from the window when launching. They may be set to the upper framework allowing the window to be left about 5 inches for venting but protected.

6. Casement windows, by their own design, have to be secured by procuring the window into the framework. If the window is flush to the framework match two key-operated hidden bolts, one near the upper corner and another near the floor.