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How to Inspect the Inside of the House When Buying Your First Home?

This is the time where all your research pay off. You will be able to show the difference between what the seller tells you and what the city says they have.

If you are looking for homes for sale in Philadelphia and do not know where to start here are some queries to start a conversation (yes, you already know the answer, but you just try to get the ball rolling):

When did you buy a property?

When did you put the house on the market?

Why are you selling today?

Do you already have another house?

When do you plan to move?

What kind of work do you do to the house since buying it?

Whether you do the work yourself or contract it?

Do you have a contractor contact information?

Does the contractor work is guaranteed for a period of time? If so, then how long?

Did you get permission from the city to do the job?

Have you been asked to file an insurance claim due to damage?

If so what is it and who repaired it?

Heating, cooling and electricity systems It is very important that you know and recognize that the main system at home is very expensive to replace and repair so you need to get the contact information of each contractor, company or service man who has done work on the house.