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How to Harvest Magic Mushrooms

Picking mushrooms by hand isn't rocket science, but there are ways to get it right – and ways to get it wrong. Learn how to collect magic mushrooms so you can enjoy a variety of waves of healthy, uncontaminated pods every time.

If you know what you are doing, picking magic mushrooms shouldn't be a problem. However, to avoid complications, farmers need to ensure the harvest is on time and use the correct technique. You can also buy edibles online.

In addition, manufacturers must take care in sterilizing the equipment they use to avoid bacterial or fungal problems. Over the years, the planting and harvesting techniques used to make magic mushrooms have not changed significantly.

Harvest occurs after a process of stripping and decoys that prepare the mushrooms for spawning and growth.

To wrap it, the compote soaked in mycelium is spread into a container that functions like a mushroom. Then a layer of peat is added to the compost which acts as a coating material. The mushroom mixture is kept in this state for about six days and continuously watered to maintain moisture.

In about two days, the mycelium will be ready to grow through the peat and through the process of clamping. Pinning is the process of creating autumn weather conditions to force the development of tiny white pegs. This pen eventually develops into small shoots and then a fungus.

After this process, the mushrooms can grow until harvest. After about three weeks of growth, the first washes can be collected while the second is picked about 9-10 days later.