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Home Beer – Making Beers of Different Types And Styles

There are many different styles and types of beer that are being made all around the globe. Different people from different parts of the world have developed their own methods of homebrewing beer, adding unique flavors and aromas. Even, there are various Waukee beer bar offering beers that are different in appearance, texture, smoothness, and flavor. 

Every beer type has a history that tells you where and how it is originated. These are the main types of beer found in different regions of the globe.

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Top Fermenting Type

These beers are made with top-fermenting yeast. This yeast ferments at higher temperatures, giving rise to esters and secondary aromas and flavors. The yeast forms a foam on the surface of fermenting beer, giving it flavors similar to apple, pear, and pineapple. Ales, Altbier, and Special beers are the top-fermented beer.

Ales – This beer is extremely popular in England. This style can be made with bitters, malts, porters, and barley wines. Therapists are also available. Barley wine is an English beer that is strong, syrupy and has strong flavors. 

Altbier  – This beer is a copper-colored aromatic beer that is very bitter. It is made in Dusseldorf, Germany. It has a 4.5% alcohol content and is brewed in an old style. Alt beer can be found in Diebels, Schlosser, and Uerige.

Wheat beer  – The Berliner Weisse is a well-known and highly acidic wheat beer that is made in Berlin, Germany. This beer is low in alcohol and has green woodruff or raspberries added to it, giving it a cloudy white appearance.