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History of Pizza by an Expert Neapolitan Pizza Maker

No one can pinpoint exactly when a "flatbread" (pizza base) was made, as there are not any recognized references. Variations (by different titles) from different cultures existed in different types of bread before it flourished in Italy. 

It's been stated that pizza may have been conceived from the Phoenicians, the Greeks, Romans, or anybody who initially found the way of mixing water before heating the mix on a hot rock.  Pizza has now become a very famous Italian food and is eaten worldwide. To order the best pizza in Dubai, You can check this link right here now. 


Historians claim that a previous kind of pizza was a part of the Italian diet since the Stone Age. It had been easy bread baked beneath the stones of the flame, while a range of toppings was inserted after cooking. This basic became popular amongst the working men and their families because it was equally convenient and inexpensive.

From the 16th century, tomatoes, which were initially regarded as poisonous, made their way into Europe from Peru. Poor citizens, belonging to Naples's lower class society, began to add berries for their own dough and created what was probably the very first pizza, even as we understand it now.

At the moment, Italy had recognized"Neapolitan pies" as the best of the sort. In reality, Spanish soldiers of the Viceroy regularly feasted about the famous specialization – currently called the"Neapolitan pizza".