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Have A Glimpse At Ybor City And Cigars

The town of Ybor is named Vicente Martinez Ybor, who started a cigar company in Cuba in the 1850s. In 1885, after the fifth revolution, many broke out too.

He bought forty acres of area near Tampa and made it the cigar capital of the world. For more information about Ybor City Cigars, please visit

ybor city cigars

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To attract Cuban cigar makers – who see themselves as artists. Ybor turned the area into a clerkship in the early 19th century with countless small white shops, parks, and houses called casitas that clerks could buy for one price.

More factories followed, which was good for Ybor: he also found that he had recently increased the number of trained workers. "Civilization is extraordinary – that cigars are balanced.

Spanish, black, Cuban, white, cigars rolled together. The same people you can thank for the plastic tubes and used Ybor cigars of all sizes.

A brief private tour of this old museum at the El Reloj factory from 1910 shows that millstones were once used to grind tobacco for filling, along with glassware from the large clock that sits on top of the tower installed giving the factory the name.

A 1993 painting by Ferdi Pacheco of moving terrain shows a number of cigar makers working at a table while a lecturer sits in front of students. "Lecturers read newspapers, books, plays, and scientific literature." Many skaters are illiterate, but they take pride in their understanding of politics and literature. ""