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Granite Stone Makes the Best Natural Stone Countertops

Everyone wants his house to be well equipped and elegant from inside and outside. A touch of natural stone can make this dream come true. Natural stone makes the material surface is elegant and classy.

One of the most durable in the family of natural stone is granite. This is a natural stone countertop  that is used for varying resistance and excellent patterns and styles.


Granite has the elegance and durability that fits designing not only on the outside of the house but in the natural hinterland.  

Uplift and erosion over millions of years have resulted in this material outcropping on the surface. Minerals that form the granite generally quartz, feldspar, and other secondary materials such as pyroxenes and mica. Granite can be done to achieve any type of finish of hand-tooled fire texture, traditional, shot blasted, acid washed, or honed for a highly polished mirror finish.

That is why granite is the best material for kitchen countertops. Of course, everyone wants to have a kitchen countertop that can withstand too much pressure and flame retardant. Granite has excellent durability because of features such as remarkable heat resistance, abrasion or scratch resistance, frost, and slip-resistant. This makes granite a very rigid and stable household for building walls, floors, and especially the kitchen countertops.