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Enhance Your Garden with Beautiful Edging

Adding a ledge around your garden or landscape is just as important as the garden itself. Edges frame your garden like a photo frame.

Pictures can be attractive and beautiful but need frames to enhance the appearance, as well as your garden. You can get the best garden edging ideas for your beautiful garden.

Loose stones can be just as effective. They can be placed in a row from end to end or arranged in multiple rows with gaps between them. They can also be adjusted diagonally and lean against each other for support.

Another interesting alternative is to decorate the short panel with old tiles. Tiles can often be purchased very cheaply from recycling sites. Glue the tile of your choice to the panel using external glue. Glue a pencil with a sharp tip to each end of the plate. This will be used to push into the ground to support your planks and keep them on the ground.

Shrub rocks can also be used to give your garden a finished look. They shouldn't be too big unless you have enough muscle or support. You may be able to collect stones from a friend's farm or from the bush if it's legal in your area. If not, garden suppliers usually have a choice.

How about some flowering plants or shrubs to make a hedge. Choose plants suitable for your climate and conditions. The beautiful pink color of the alpine phlox makes for an attractive border and the plant can be divided and planted repeatedly.