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Choosing A Custom Canopy For Outdoor Events

Custom printed canopies and outdoor tents are used for event promotions and  as booths at fairs. Outdoor tents and canopy can be custom printed with your company logo and graphic designs, making an outstanding presentation to the audience of your business. You can buy customized printed canopies from online stores.

If you build a booth for a trade show, you can have a tent or a canopy with half walls, keeping the public out of the area, but makes it easy for you to work inside the tent and engage with potential customers. Different sizes of canopies and outdoor pop up tents are available, ranging from five by five meters all the way up to ten by twenty meters.

Different forms of pop-up tents are also available. Hexagonal tents are available in the form of foot ten and twenty foot lengths, depending on your needs. Hexagonal tent are slightly different and will catch the public’s attention only because it looks a little different from the rest.

You can also find a custom canopy in many wonderful colors. You can match the colors and logo of your company easily, so that the fabric used on the roof of the tent and walls complement the graphic design as desired.