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Careers in the Rail Industry – Great Opportunities For Skilled Workers

Railroad's companies main activities are track renewal and infrastructure maintenance, which are performed in-house as well as by a supply chain of sub-contractors. The responsibilities include 20,000 miles of track and 1000 signal boxes. 

They provide services on the infrastructure the company maintains and owns. The second part is the renationalized rail system. Railroad and train operating companies share the responsibility for delivering train maintenance services to the traveling public.

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Analysts believe that the outlook for the rail industry is very positive. There are many exciting opportunities for individuals and organizations involved in the rail industry. The industry is well aware that these positive trends present new challenges for those who want to adapt to this record-breaking growth and plan for future expansion.

There are many positions available in the rail industry. These include civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers that deal with signal design, maintenance, and implementation, and planners who plan, schedule, allocate, and manage resources. QS (Quantity Surveyor); Project managers; Construction; Safety; and I.T. CAD Design. There are many other options.

There are also many administrative and rail management jobs, such as Rail Operations Management, which is responsible for the strategic and operational management of staff, infrastructure and services, and accounting, auditing, and marketing.