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Benefits of Paper Recycling: Why Recycle Paper?

Based upon wood, a natural renewable resource, paper is both biodegradable and recyclable. Recycling recovered paper creates these significant environmental and economic benefits:
Environmental Impact – The primary component of paper is wood pulp, which is obtained from trees. Recycling paper results in reduced usage of wood as the raw material, which means less forest depletion. Less forest depletion means more natural habitats for birds, insects, and wildlife that live in these trees. You can also choose the best services of paper recycling in Perth at
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Conserves Energy – Less energy is spent on recycling paper which ensures that fewer greenhouse gases, that cause global warming, are released. Since decomposition of the paper in landfills causes methane emissions, recycling paper cuts down these emissions too.
Landfill Space – As more paper is recycled, less land is filled with waste paper.
Water Consumption – The process of making virgin paper consumes and pollutes large quantities of freshwater, whereas the process of recycling paper uses up much less of this crucial resource.
Reduces Air Pollution – Air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and other particulates used for virgin paper production are reduced by about 60 pounds then producing one ton of recycled paper.
Economic Benefits – Recycled paper production creates sustainable jobs, reduces the costs that are associated with waste paper disposal, lowers the cost of environmental remediation, and encourages commercial efficiency