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All About Buffalo Turf grass In Sydney

Buffalo grass is a perennial grass with its origins in the Great Plains. The reason for the name is that the grass is provided with food and support large herds of buffalo that roam and eat along the Great Plains.

The grass is also used as a ground by early settlers when they build their homes. This is the grass that can survive extreme environmental conditions such as this may be one native turfgrass we only trued. 

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Buffalo survived by producing seeds and spread by runners or stolons surface. The display consists of turfgrass finely textured thin shaded in blue-green soft. It rarely grows taller than 10 to 12 inches long and generally falls over the length of this gives the appearance of a much shorter.

Buffalo grass is best adapted to local rainfall or thorough, but irrigation is scarce. It can be established in either of burs grass seed or the soil.

Buffalo grass is most commonly found in the west and northwest of the country. You'll often find them in the cemetery, golf course roughs, parks, school grounds, and roadsides. It has the ideal conditions for anyone who wants a "real" landscape.

If you want low maintenance and low turfgrass use, this is your turf. Buffalo grass usually does not need fertilizer, but sometimes a low dose of nitrogen can help.