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Advantages Of Google Chat Bots

What is a chatbot? Simply put, a chat bot is a software program used online to perform an online chat communication via text or voice-to-voice, rather than providing direct human interaction with another human being. Chat Bots are capable of imitation of speech or can be completely automated, depending on the type of Chat Bot that you choose. Today, the most popular type of Chat Bot is one that can be programmed to automatically join conversations on any type of chat server, such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo, or Google Talk. These programs are programmed to adapt their language to the specific language that it's participating in.

Nowadays, the types of programs that work together as Chat Bots are called artificial intelligence (IA). This is similar to how our artificial intelligence today works with our computers. There are many areas of research within artificial intelligence, including pattern recognition, natural language processing, language understanding, and more. Another interesting area of research is Deep Learning, which is the use of large networks to create new artificial intelligence. Some of these networks are created using convolutional networks, where different nodes in the network are assigned different weights based on past experiences, where others will have high weights if they've had good experiences, and low weights if they've had poor experiences.

The way that an artificial chat bot is able to do all this, is by using complex mathematical algorithms, coupled with statistical analysis of the chat room traffic. When a Chat Bot is first installed, it simply takes a sample of the conversation and parses it into its vocabulary. This process is called "trained" by the user and may be done manually, or by using a pre-trained system, like the one used by Eazle. This may sound impressive, but the reality is much different. In order to achieve superior results, it's important to understand how a Chat Bot actually operates.

The way that most chat bots operate is by sending and receiving data at the same time. For example, when you enter a chat room, a Chat Bot that you choose will check the list for messages and start speaking to you. Based on the words contained in the message, it decides whether or not to forward it on or delete it. After it has finished reading the message, it'll store it in its database, and your Chat Bot will then be able to refer back to it in the future. All of these actions occur instantaneously, without your having to sit there and send each message individually.

In order to help customer service representatives, live help now has an advanced "customer service tool". If you key in a few details, such as the name of the customer and the date that they signed up for the service, you can receive information on what they were doing at that particular moment, and whether they got a negative or positive response. Additionally, these customer service tools give you statistics on who is clicking on your bot, how many times you receive a negative click-out, and how many times you do receive a positive response. These statistics are invaluable when it comes to determining which chat bots are best for you.

There are a lot of other advanced features in the software that allows live help now to perform tasks beyond simple message forwarding. One example is the ability to check a person's voice level during a voice chat session. If someone says something that you don't agree with or don't think was quite right, you can take a microphone and change the voice's pitch and clarity to better suit the situation. Once you've fixed the problem, it never surfaces again!

Another useful feature of the software is its ability to detect duplicate names. If you have a customer that signs up for more than one service with a particular company, chances are that they might use the same name (or even the same email address) when signing up for different things from that company. An advanced Chat Bot can look through all of these accounts and flag any attempts to sign up under a fake name.

Overall, while Chat Bots can be useful, there is no reason to use Google chat bots unless you absolutely need to. If you are just looking to improve your small business's online presence, one of the many free web chat rooms is more than adequate. If you want to beef up your marketing skills, try purchasing a chatbot that has some of the advanced features of Google Talk. But if you are serious about running an online business, stick to the free versions of Google chat bots until you have mastered the art of creating your own.