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A Quick Guide on Importance of Effective On-boarding

You have selected the best people as your business grows. But you won half the battle. Another important part is positioning these skilled employees properly. According to one study, new employees admit that their decision to stay with the organization was made within the first six months of their tenure. 

All employers should use this time to turn new hires into valuable employees in the long run. Follow these great testing practices to make sure your new employees get off to the right steps –


Whether you have a plan or not, your employees will get some sort of automated onboarding in their early days. Make sure they experience what you want. It is important to ensure that the same message is conveyed to all new employees.

Friendly attitude

All employees should feel welcome from the start. Let them know that you enjoyed meeting them all and look forward to a bright future for the company by hiring everyone. This message can be sent by email or as a personalized welcome message in a digital inscription. 

Arm them with the right tools

Find out what new employees need and make sure the things they need are available on time. It makes a bad impression when employees discover they don't have a phone number, the computer is off, or the desk is out of notebooks. 


Educate employees about mission, vision, goals, values, company culture and other important processes. It's like introducing the company and its working process. It is also important that employees are cared for and trained from time to time.